The Future of Future Conscience: An experiment in comments

A quick update for you all today, and one that I’m going to use just to run a very quick experiment…or possibly more of a call-out.  Future Conscience has now been running for about 4 months, and in that time we’ve covered quite a wide range of topics and have seen small but consistent growth in our readership.  In fact, we’re just about to reach our 100th post in the next few days which is a nice milestone to reach for any newly formed blog.

There is still one thing that concerns me about the site, which is that we really aren’t getting many comments from our readers!  Part of the initial vision of Future Conscience was that it would be a blog that encouraged discussion and dialogue on the issues presented through our posts.  This isn’t supposed to be a top-down, authoritarian, blog telling you what to think and believe.  The idea is to highlight current issues and events, provide a take on some of the questions that we should all be asking, and then see what you all think about it.

So, today’s post is an experiment in comments.  If you’re reading this and have enjoyed the site, please comment – even if only to let us know that you exist! Even at the most conservative estimate (ignoring things like bots and dynamic IP addresses) we’re getting about 50 unique visitors per day, so please do take a moment to say hi!  Let’s consider it a chance to voice your opinion as to the direction that Future Conscience should take in the months to come.

What are the topics that you want to see covered more often?  Which articles have you enjoyed the most so far?  Which articles do you hope we never do anything like again?  Is the comment system working for you or would you prefer it to change?  All of these questions, along with anything else you want to say are up for the taking!

Hopefully we’ll see some comments emerge from this post (feel free to comment on any of our previous posts as well!).  Until next time, best wishes to all of you and thank you for reading the site so far – we’ve got some good stuff coming up in the near future (along with hopefully some more consistent guest authors than just myself!), and there would be no reason to do any of it without you there to read it!


4 Responses to The Future of Future Conscience: An experiment in comments

  1. Leszek says:

    I comment therefore I am.

  2. Katie says:

    Talking out into the void is pretty frustrating huh? I've had a quick look around, I'm impressed with the depth of topics you're going into over here – meaty stuff. My own professional interests veer towards the neuroscience side of things, I always read any neuro articles in New Scientist with great interest – so thats certainly something I'd tune in again for. Keep up the good work.

  3. RAGordon says:

    Thanks Katie (and Leszek) for the comment! It's nice to know there are some people exploring the site. Thanks for letting me know about your personal interests as well, I'll make sure to search out some interesting neuroscience news as a special thanks – or even try and coax Liz into covering her speciality!

  4. JohnSuntiger says:

    Only just discovered you blog and am enjoying it, it will take some mining on my part to really absorb but thumbs up on the evolutionary outlook of technology and culture into the future…hopeful!

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