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Towards the Philosophy of a Future Conscience

A collection of posts from the blog that really speak to the core ethos of developing a future conscience.Continue Reading

The Spirituality of Technology: Foundations of a New Humanity

What impact is technology having on the driving motivations for human endeavour and activity? Are we formulating a clear view of what progress means in this newly emergent age? Can we talk about a spirituality of technology, and what might that mean?Continue Reading

24hrs Left for the Community Cube Kickstarter – Making Privacy Easy(er)

Just a quick post today (the 21st update this month!) to highlight that the Community Cube Kickstarter campaign is now entering into its final 24hrs. In my recent post on currently running Kickstarter campaigns for futurists I mentioned that this is one of the campaigns that I am personally backing (along with the Kokoon EEGContinue Reading

Futurist News of the Week – 19th June 2015

These days, there’s always so much going on in the world of science, technology and politics that any summary will feel like it’s overlooking very important items. Given that, here are five futurist news items from this past week that you might have missed:Continue Reading

Oculus Rift DK2 Demo Round-Up for Futurists

Here are some of the experiences that I’ve really enjoyed on my DK2 setup, particularly from a futurist/scifi perspective, and I’m tending towards newer options here to keep things fresh for those who might have the kit in their hands.Continue Reading

What Do You Want to See in a Digital Bill of Rights? The People Have Voted!

As we celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta it was the British Library that released my favourite piece.Continue Reading