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Oculus Rift DK2 Demo Round-Up for Futurists

Here are some of the experiences that I’ve really enjoyed on my DK2 setup, particularly from a futurist/scifi perspective, and I’m tending towards newer options here to keep things fresh for those who might have the kit in their hands.Continue Reading

What Do You Want to See in a Digital Bill of Rights? The People Have Voted!

As we celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta it was the British Library that released my favourite piece.Continue Reading

9 Kickstarter Campaigns for Futurists (Open Now!)

Popular ideas on the platform, those that hit the zeitgeist effectively whilst seeming viable, really open up to us what the next few years of consumer products have in store.Continue Reading

Futurist News of the Week – 12th June 2015

Here are five futurist news items from this past week that fit the ideas here at Future ConscienceContinue Reading

25 Futurist Quotes to Inspire You

Here are 25 futurist quotes to inspire you…Continue Reading

Are You Mobilising TODAY to Oppose TTIP?

Learn about TTIP today, contact your MEPs on phone, email, social media right now. Make a stand and be counted!Continue Reading