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Information Overlay (When Winter Calls ONS – Track V)

Today brings another track release for the original novel soundtrack attached to my debut novel When Winter Calls.

I have recently started working ‘outside the box’ and using more hardware, taking the first tentative steps into the world of modular synthesizers and enjoying the unique sounds that can be built when you start playing around with control voltages and proper analog gear.  ‘Information Overlay’ is an ambient track that tries to capture the digital information layer that surrounds human interaction and experience, a return to the world of soundscapes and evolving textures.

“They are the interface, Jared. There’s no distinction between the person and the technology. There never has been in all of human history. We are the technology and it is us…a fact that working in plant labs teaches you. There’s no distinction between natural and unnatural, it’s all there together. We might think we see the boundaries in place – but they’re not really there.”

I hope that you enjoy this, somewhat different, approach to futurist thinking and the exploration of technology that has emerged from us in order to eventually symbiotically return back into its source …

Geometry (When Winter Calls ONS – Track IV)

Today brings the release of another track from the Original Novel Soundtrack project that I embarked on a few months ago for When Winter Calls. This fourth instalment is a more up-beat trance track covering the turning point of the book, where it becomes clear that something is simmering beneath the surface life of the worker-residents of Caldera.Continue Reading

Relay Station (When Winter Calls ONS – Track III)

This track – Relay Station – is a slowly building, pulsating track that combines a sense of utopian euphoria with the growing tension of Caldera as the situation there begins to unfold.Continue Reading

Welcome to Caldera (When Winter Calls ONS – Track II)

Entitled ‘Welcome to Caldera’ this track explores the uplifting arrival at the corporate utopia, with a rolling soundscape that brings the listener into contact with some of the awe that an ocean citycorp like Caldera would inspire in its residents. Yet the enveloping melody also brings with it some undertones of the darker reality that is to come…Continue Reading

[Sneak Peak] When Winter Calls – Original Novel Soundtrack

With the new year sale now behind us (and When Winter Calls peaking at #14 on the US cyberpunk charts – thanks to you!) I’m looking towards a much more dedicated schedule of updates that helps Future Conscience reach new heights.  Make sure you’re following on Twitter to receive new updates and posts as theyContinue Reading

When Winter Calls on sale until 11 January!

To celebrate crossing 5,000 followers on Twitter, I’ve put the Kindle version of When Winter Calls on sale until Monday 11th January at just 0.99c (or pence, depending on your region). We’ve already had a great response to the sale so far, with the book cracking into the top 30 on the Cyberpunk charts –Continue Reading