Deaths linked to nanotechnology in China

Just a quick update for you today.  Whilst reading through various nanotechnology articles I came across something which relates directly to the ethical issues that were discussed yesterday.  There has been a recent high-profile case involving the death and injury of a number of Chinese workers who were involved in the production of materials that used nanoparticles.

Although this particular case was seemingly mostly caused by improper working conditions, it involves the study of some deaths and injuries in China that highlight the very real dangers of nanoparticles.  This directly shows that the use of nanotechnology in the production process will bring with it dangerous consequences if not handled correctly, particularly in areas where proper safety procedures are not rigidly adhered to.  In a profit-based world, such situations will likely occur on an alarmingly regular basis and need to be closely regulated and examined before such problems become more wide-spread.

There is another write-up about the case over on a great blog that I found (Nanotechnology Law Report) that is closely covering the dangers involved in producing nanotechnology based products.  They have some very interesting articles over on there and I’ve added them to my RSS reader – and definitely recommend that anybody interested in the growing use of nanotechnology do the same.


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  2. Dr. J. Sil says:

    Dr. J. Sil: Most of the Inventors of new-technologies, being not medical doctors, should keep themselves aware of health-hazards that may be associated with the materials they are handling. Some obligatoey legal bindings should be imposed to prevent repitition such unfortunate and undesirable incidents. Nano particles being too small can cross the barrier of skin and mucus membrane easily and result in many complications, most of which are not yet known to us.

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