Friday Link Roundup: Artificial Intelligence

I’m always trying to think of new ways to bring you, our wonderful readers, interesting information and resources about the many strands of human progress.  Something I’ve decided to begin today, and which will continue each Friday, is a weekly roundup of useful or interesting links.  Rather than just collect together a bunch of random news articles and resources, I’ve decided also to make each week have a different theme.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five interesting articles from the past week that cover the field of artificial intelligence:

1)  Out of the Blue – a look at IBM’s attempts to create a computer model of the brain using a vast amount of technological power.  A great read, and definitely the most interesting thing I’ve come across this week.

2)  Artificial intelligence security systems – from the detailed and in-depth article above, to a more concise piece about using artificial intelligence to help automate security camera systems.

3)  Google Analytics becomes more intelligent – Google announces on one of their blogs some new features of Google Analytics, which include some interesting attempts at injecting artificial intelligence into the process.

4)  iRobot reports strong third quarter earnings – An example of a robotics company that focuses considerably on artificial intelligence, and it’s doing very well indeed.

5)  New Alan Turing radio drama – An announcement of a new radio drama that will be hosted by The Independent newspaper, covering the life of famous artificial intelligence pioneer Alan Turing.

So there you have it, some great articles came out this week surrounding artificial intelligence.  There’s definitely a week’s worth of research and knowledge to be found amongst their content – I hope you enjoy reading them and thinking about the topic, and see you next week!


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