Friday Link Roundup: Stem Cell Research

This week’s selection of links touch on several aspects of stem cell research.  These topics range from the controversy and ethics of stem cell treatment, to new advances in genetic research as well as current uses in society today.  Enjoy!

1)  The Lines That Divide – the documentary featured here introduces the scientific basis and discusses the moral issues of stem cell research and cloning, providing an interesting and accessible introduction to this controversial area.

2)  Family stores umbilical stem cells – the Aspinall family bring a new meaning to the term “safety net”. They are believed to be the first family in Britain to store cells from their new born son’s umbilical cord.  The very same stem cells that may one day be able to regenerate not only his body, but theirs as well.

3)  Stem Cell Therapy International – a new addition to the stem cell market as the first Korean company begins to export stem cells for international research and treatment.

4)  Black Sabbath guitarist receives stem cell treatment – Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi talks to BBC about how his recent stem cell treatment has helped alleviate the chronic joint pain he experiences.

5)  Stem cells and neural regeneration – recent research from Stanford University investigating genetic factors affect the functioning of stem cells involved in generating new neurons in the adult brain.

Hopefully there is something interesting here for you all.  A truly exciting idea is that, in the near future, it seems we may not be doomed to inevitable cognitive and physical decline.  As always, let us know what you think and any other gems you have come across in your travels.

I’ll be writing more on the ethics of human enhancement and biomedical research in the near future, so be sure to check back with us soon.


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  1. Definitely a very interesting and helpful post. Stem cell research has been a highly controversial health news topic in recent days. Moreover 72% of the public also are now supporting stem cell research. Thanks for sharing some nice informative links here. Nice sharing and keep posting.

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