Friday Link Roundup: War and Peace

Yesterday, I highlighted as our Site of the Week.  Today’s link roundup then will focus on some recent news and commentary that relate to the themes highlghted by the site.  I’ve collected up some links about the Iraq inquiry, China’s detention facilities, CIA secret prisons and some other pieces of interest.

Hopefully you will find something here that encourages you to look into these things more deeply.

1)  Iraq inquiry: Live – live coverage from one of The Guardian’s columnists, updated by the minute.

2)  Who will protest Obama’s war? – column article by Justin Raimondo of, looks at current movements in Obama’s foreign policy strategy.

3)  China’s secret detention facilities – “An Alleyway in Hell” is a 53 page report by Human Rights Watch which highlights abuses within Chinese detention facilities.

4)  Iran seizes Nobel peace medal – The Iranian government has confiscated the Nobel peace medal won by Shirin Ebadi.

5)  CIA secret prison in Lithuania – Article highlighting the location of one of the CIA’s secret prisons used to hold and interrogate terror suspects.

What all of these articles have in common is that they highlight the fact that the world’s most influential and powerful governments often transgress ethical boundaries to an astonishing degree.  When seen on this scale, and with very few of the major players immune from accusations of gross misconduct, things can certainly seem quite depressing.

The saving grace is that we are still able to be informed about such events and transgressions, and we must take advantage of this fact by educating ourselves and remaining knowledgable as to what is going on in the world around us.


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