Future Conscience: Taking a slightly different direction

It’s always interesting looking back at work that you have done, trying to gauge whether or not it should be considered successful or worth continuing with.  Recently I’ve been going through this process with Future Conscience, wondering just how it will continue into the future and whether or not any changes should be made to the writing style and content.  Readership has been acceptable, albeit not really growing enough for my liking – but one thing that is prompting the thought for change is just a change within myself and my own personal focus on things.

Follow The Heart (image by alicepopkorn, Flickr, CC)Now, for those of you who know me you will realise that I am a deeply spiritual (although not religious) person who has dedicated a lot of my life to the service of Truth and Wisdom.  Future Conscience was a way for me to explore much of this side of me within a secular context, and I think for the most part it has been successful and has certainly taught me a lot about my own views and opinions.

What I originally wanted the site to be, however, was more of a collective conversation – a vision which for numerous reasons never really came to be.  I think there is something about my writing style that does not really promote comments to my posts, although we have gotten some really great ones over recent months, and so I’ve been thinking about how to approach this blog from the view of its strengths.

As such, I’m going to be trying a slightly different angle on things – one that is much more personal in tone and expression.  I’ll be focusing less on recent news and more on commentary and thoughts about the future of humanity.  Less on bringing you information and more on bringing you possibilities.  I hope that regular readers of this site appreciate the change, and it won’t be a drastic change by any means but just a conscious effort to bring more of myself into the conversation.

What this will mean in practice is probably a lot more commentary from a spiritual perspective, something which I fear people will either really love or vehemently hate!  Either way, I feel like it is the right thing to do at this time and am very enthusiastic to explore such things as part of this blog.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all Jesus Camp on you – that’s really not my style – and in fact my own personal path takes quite a pan-religious approach to spirituality, seeing all religious expression as different perspectives on universal truths.  What I’m fascinated by is how new and old forms of spirituality will interface with our rapidly growing technological and global society.  There is something very important occurring at the moment in the collective consciousness of the human species, and I’d love to explore that with you.

As usual, any thoughts you may have on this slight shift in voice here on Future Conscience would be much appreciated.  If you feel strongly against it, let me know your reasons – if you’re for it, I’d like to hear why.  Change is always part of the rich tapestry of life, and Future Conscience is an integral part of mine; so I’m hoping you’ll find the change as fascinating as I do whilst experiencing it.


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  1. Andru says:

    Hey i stumbled upon your site almost.. randomly.. I want to say that i love the material presented and I think it’s great to see someone grounded that is presenting the information in such a relaxed, candid manner.

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