Geometry (When Winter Calls ONS – Track IV)

Today brings the release of another track from the Original Novel Soundtrack project that I embarked on a few months ago for When Winter Calls.  This fourth instalment is a more up-beat trance track covering the turning point of the book, where it becomes clear that something is simmering beneath the surface life of the worker-residents of Caldera.

“Look at how lost in it they are…”

Many of them looked completely normal, like any dance floor on a particularly up-beat evening. Every now and then, though, there was a glimpse of something different. There was the woman towards the edge with a wide-eyed look of intensity. The long-haired man throwing his head back and letting out a loud yell that was more of a howl. By this stage, a few others had joined the crowd at the front – drawn in by the sense of communal fun and spontaneity.

“Look, there’s a few new people now too,” Vica rationalised. “You’re over thinking it.”

Jared flicked on and watched the overlay.

With that many people drawing strands of light down, the scene became bathed in a growing sphere of shimmering geometry. Twisting and morphing around the individuals as they played with it. As they interacted with one another, the lines joined and stretched to include others. Those who had just joined the group were trying to interact with the flow of the people around them but were being ignored, their movements creating change only in their immediate vicinity with no external connections being made.

The cohesive patterns in the middle began to increase in size and complexity, building upon one another and combining together into a unified whole that pulsed with the movements of the individuals and yet remained completely in sync with the others around them. Minus those few who continued to stand out jarringly amongst the perfect pattern.

Cyberpunk fans in particular should enjoy this new track!  If you like how it sounds, make sure to pick up When Winter Calls and experience the ocean citycorp of Caldera.


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