London Bloggers Meetup report

Well, we’ve just returned from our first foray into the world of real-life blogger meetups and I have to say that our response was a positive one.  It was great to meet people with similar interests, some of them relatively new to the game just like us (shout out to Diana and Emma!) and others who had been around for years (amongst them a few jaded types).  The overall impression was that blogging is a medium of expression that is here to stay and can make a difference, despite a few feeling a bit negative as to the true impact that can be made.

The meetup took place in a bar near Farringdon station, and with approximately 115 people attending it was certainly cosy but with enough space for everybody to do their thing.  It was interesting to meet the wide range of people in attendance, many of which were making a living from the internet in one way or another.  There were bloggers, social media consultants, website designers, affiliate marketers – basically every sub-section of the blogging world was represented in some way.  The night was topped off by the great sponsorship that the organisers had managed to get on board, with quite a few free drinks and even a netbook up for grabs (which we, unfortunately, did not take home!).

The response to Future Conscience (both Liz and I attended the meetup) was generally a positive one, if slightly confused as to what to make of us and our goals.  One thing that is certain is that we really do need to create some business cards for the blog, as we came ashamedly unprepared in that department!  Regardless, it was just nice to meet with those who are interested in the same things.  Blogging, as exhibitionist a past-time as it is, can sometimes feel a bit isolating and it was nice to bounce off of other people’s enthusiasm.

There were a few that we met tonight who had a more cynical outlook towards the mission of Future Conscience.  You want to inject morality and ethics into the blogosphere?!  They mocked.  You think that you can really make a difference?!  The sarcasm came across strongly, although always with a good natured tone to it.

The answer was always the same.  Yes, we think we can make a difference.  No, we aren’t going to give up within three months.  Yes, the rapid progression of communication technologies and the ability for people to form groups of like-minded purpose will change the world as we know it.

As much as there was cynicism, there was also a great deal of hope lying underneath the surface.  The fact is that this meetup of individuals of vastly disparate backgrounds and ideologies would not have happened without the revolution of communication technology that the internet has brought with it.

For everyone who jested against our idealistic views, there were others who were interested in our message – our mission.  The communication revolution that has already taken place has allowed for like-minded individuals to band together – and together we can make a difference.

All it takes are those with the perseverance and, quite frankly, the downright stubbornness to continue against all odds.  Rest assured that we here at Future Conscience fit that bill – we’re not here just to make a quick buck from the new internet boom.  We’re not here to persuade and dictate an ideology.  We’re here to harness the capabilities of this new communication revolution and foster discussion and debate about the direction that the human race is heading.

We’re here to make a difference, and you’re more than welcome to join us.


3 Responses to London Bloggers Meetup report

  1. dianas99 says:

    Hi Liz, hi Rob,
    was great meeting you at the bloggers meetup yesterday. Think you have an interesting and unique blog topic.
    You got me so curious last night, that yours was the first website I checked this morning. And even more surprising to find already a blog post about the event this morning, chapeau!

  2. emm137 says:

    Hey Liz and Rob,

    Thanks for the shout out! Good to meet you guys last night, the blog looks great!
    Have put the next event in my diary 🙂

  3. RAGordon says:

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

    Was great to meet you both, look forward to another catch up soon – can't make the October one, but will definitely be at the one in November. We should sort something out before then though…will be in touch.

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