Musings Along the Way: 40 Spiritual Aphorisms

Rose and Lily (image by CresySusy, Flickr, CC)This post exists somewhat outside the general remit of Future Conscience, and yet I feel it is necessary to open up my spiritual thoughts a bit in order to provide some further insight into where the blog comes from.

Spiritual aphorisms are intended to speak directly to the intuitive side of us, and as such they will be placed here without comment.  They are as true as they are true, and as false as they are false.  I hope that you find value of some kind in one or more of these, my musings along the way.

  1. Stay silent: this is the most important virtue of spirit.
  2. Speak up: this is the most important virtue of truth.
  3. There is only one true beginning, and that is sincerity.  The first step is simple: I Am Ready!
  4. Fire often lives amongst the darkest of clouds.
  5. You will not destroy your demons until you embody them.
  6. Intention is the key.  Integrity is the key.  Intuition is the key.
  7. When one reaches, there is reaching back.
  8. Lamentation is a pure sacrament.  It is one of recognition.
  9. Marriage is the purest sacrament.  It is one of reconciliation.
  10. The peacock announces the carrying dove.
  11. Do not trust those who tell you of sin, but have none when speaking of themselves.
  12. You cannot partition love, only desire.
  13. Truth can be both true and false, but always present.
  14. One step along the Path is worth a lifetime of dancing.
  15. There is no such thing as negative magic – all successful magic is a positive operation.  This speaks nothing of right or wrong.
  16. Forgetting the pain you have brought to others is an ultimate sin.
  17. There is no problem that cannot be solved by three loaves of bread.
  18. Humanity exists upon the cusp of that which is very small, and that which is very large.
  19. Never underestimate your ability to pull the veil down over your own eyes.
  20. The pilgrim looks up and exclaims: I Am Here!
  21. All moments of spiritual advancement are met with material temptation.
  22. It’s easy to pretend to be something you are not, but only to those who can’t see who you are.
  23. If someone seeks to sell you a secret, it is not worth learning.
  24. Every act of integration is simultaneously one of incarnation.
  25. The merging together of individual souls can only occur when those involved are willing to forego ultimate dissolution.  It is an eternal pact of mutual servitude.
  26. Whenever we pass judgment, we forget our role.
  27. The moment of seeing foreshadows its passing.
  28. Never feel sorrow once she is gone.  For next time you will recognise her sooner.
  29. A conversation is never heard the same way twice.
  30. If everything that you see is there, and everything that I see is here; what lies in between?
  31. It is already yours, but it will never belong to you.
  32. Once you can look in the mirror and see nothing is when you will be able to gaze into another’s eyes and see a whole universe unfold.
  33. Do not ask for results because you will never fathom them.  Ask for the process, and you will be gifted with understanding.
  34. The most powerful words produce no sound.
  35. To hold another in your arms is to feel the universe breathing.
  36. Salvation is not dependent upon where you were born.
  37. We are shown the most sublime secrets with every passing moment, and yet we claim to know none of them.
  38. Ask yourself: what do you seek to achieve by reading this?
  39. Ask yourself: what do I hope to achieve by writing it?
  40. When the time arises, stay silent.

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  1. GLPer says:

    “18.Humanity exists upon the cusp of that which is very small, and that which is very large.”

    This observation was remarked upon by the mathematician Roger Penrose in his book 'The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind'. (He goes on to argue that the physics of consciousness, one which explains both cognition and free will – will not be understood until a synthesis of classical/large and quantum/small physics is achieved.) Or is it that we can only cast our perception and understanding in equal measures of large and small relative to ourselves? Either way – and physics firmly to one side – your aphorism is forever valid and spiritually useful!

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