Panic follows social networking DDoS

Over the last few days many of us may have realised just how reliant we are upon our social networks and online forms of communication such as Facebook and Twitter.  Following a co-ordinated and sustained DDoS attack on some of the major social networking sites, many individuals were unable to log into their networks for up to 48 hours causing widespread anxiety and discomfort.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem.  Indeed, it wasn’t long ago when we would go days on end without catching up with those we know – and even longer between catching up on gossip about those we have never even met!  When the lack of something has such an impact on many of us it may be time to reassess just how much we rely on such methods of communication.  Particularly if they are so vulnerable to attack.

However, this is not to dismiss the usefulness of such technologies.  They have certainly provided us with some wonderful tools and amazing communication channels.  The recent events in Iran are a perfect example of just how society as a whole can benefit from increased use of online social networking.  In the end though, we must take a close look at the impact that these sites are having on us all before we get swept away in their apparent utility.  FutureConscience will be taking a look at social media and the like over time and attempting to do just this, if you have any thoughts on it do let us know – otherwise, stay tuned because social media is here to stay and we must ensure that we use it to greatest efficiency and benefit for us all.


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