Relay Station (When Winter Calls ONS – Track III)

With over 250 copies of When Winter Calls now sold (perhaps not bestseller numbers, but very happy so far!), I’m pleased to now be able to release the third track for the book’s Original Novel Soundtrack. I started this project as a way to explore different aspects of the creative process, and really draw out elements of Caldera in new ways.

Relay Station is a slowly building, pulsating track that combines a sense of utopian euphoria with the growing tension of Caldera as the situation there begins to unfold.  It comes out of my love of drone music, a genre that I think speaks closely to the futurist mindset; linked as it is to analog synthesis and the manipulation of electricity to unlock new and surprising sonic capabilities.  The soundscapes that are created as a result can at first sound dissonant and jarring – but have an underlying cohesion to them that gradually morphs and evolves alongside the electricity that flows through the creation of each track.

For those looking for more, I highly recommend one of my key inspirations and master of modular analog: Alessandro Cortini.


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