Singularity Summit 2009 videos up on Vimeo

Those of you who have visited us before may have remembered that I mentioned the Singularity Summit which took place at the beginning of October.  I’ve just seen that the video of the presentations has been put up on Vimeo and I definitely recommend that you go and check them out.  There are quite a few to have a look at, so head on over to Michael Anissimov’s page on Vimeo to find them all.

Below, I’ve embedded the introduction to the summit, along with two other talks that I found particularly interesting and well presented:

It’s good to see that there is a growing body of people who are focusing on the possible implications of our technological progress.  There is also a lot of enthusiasm surrounding these advancements, it isn’t just doom-mongering and apocalyptic thought.  You just have to look at the methuselarity ideas to hear something that many of us could only dream of, which is to say the ability to become near immortal.  Fascinating stuff, and I can’t recommend these videos any higher – go and check them out!


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