Site of the Week: Big Think

Big Think screenshotFirst of all, let me apologise for the small delay in posting – I’ve been rather ill recently and that has reflected in my ability to think too clearly or sit in front of a computer screen for too long! As such, today I wanted to bring back something I did here on Future Conscience for a little while: which is to introduce a new Site of the Week. This week – Big Think.

Big Think is the kind of website that has only really been able to exist recently – being as dependent on high quality video streaming as it is. As such, it’s a kind of interesting hybrid between the traditional TV interview format and the evolution of blogging into the video-blog arena. What makes the site special, and deserving of our Site of the Week post, is its focus on seeking out true experts and leaders in various fields to impart their knowledge in a frank and revealing manner.

It’s the kind of site that I really can’t say too much more about: other than to say that once you spend some time there you will understand why I hold it in such high regard. Between the countless video interviews, and the many wonderful blogs that are hosted on the site, I can guarantee that you will find something that catches your interest.

The truly wonderful thing about Big Think, is that quite often what grabs your attention will be something that you had no real knowledge of beforehand.  The topics are so varied, and fascinating, that you find yourself exploring new concepts and intellectual spheres that you might otherwise not have come into contact with.  It really is a wonderful educational resource that will widen your intellectual and personal horizons.

There is literally hundreds of hours of interview footage there for you to take in; with speakers ranging from a Jesuit priest to a former editor of High Times and everything in between. Philosophers; film producers; TV personalities; journalists; economists; doctors; scientists and experts of all descriptions can be found imparting their wisdom in a very sleek and minimalist format.

The videos are all of substantial length – many of them running over an hour – and don’t over simplify what can, at times, be some very detailed and complex topics. The interviews are also rather unique, or at least relatively uncommon, in that they leave you just with the expert and the topic.  There is no interviewer muddying the waters with a particular journalistic style.  This format, for me, is part of the great appeal of the site and it’s worth having a look just for that reason alone.

By stripping away any sense of an interviewer/interviewee dynamic you really feel like you are having a conversation with these people. They speak directly to camera – for the most part – and this really immerses you in the topics being discussed. It truly is riveting stuff and I can only say you won’t regret spending some time over at Big Think!

Check it out and then let us know in the comments to this post what your favourite interview/topic was so that others can take a look…for what it’s worth, one of my favourite interviews on the site is with Robert McKee, screen-writing guru, that has some wonderful ideas and anecdotes for anybody aspiring to be a writer.


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