Site of the Week: Scientific American

Scientific American

Our Site of the Week highlight has been going for about a month now, and I’ve hopefully covered a few sites that many of you may not have heard of or given enough of your time to.

This week, the site in question definitely comes with more mainstream awareness – so I do expect pretty much all of you to have heard of it – but I’m presuming that many of you don’t visit it on a regular basis, which is a shame.  This week’s Site of the Week is a fantastic resource, so I present to you the Scientific American website.

I imagine that pretty much everybody who is interested in the topic of human advancement and the path we are taking into the future will have read at least one issue of Scientific American in their time.  In recent years, they have also added Scientific American Mind to their catalogue which has some fantastic articles and is certainly more often purchased in our household than the parent magazine.

The website adds quite a substantial amount to the published material.  Not only do they have quite a few news updates each day, but they also have a number of blogs, podcasts and videos on the site that are well worth a look.  If you want to keep up to date with the latest scientific advancements then there aren’t many other sites that cover such things in a more interesting and accessible manner (except maybe New Scientist, which was only barely pipped to the post for our Site of the Week).

I’ve said it before multiple times, but one of the most important aspects for the modern progress conscious individual is to become knowledgeable of the many different spheres in which things are moving forwards at an astonishing rate.  Scientific American provides coverage that is aimed at a level that is both incredibly accessible without becoming patronising or too simplified.

Each of our Site of the Week websites are chosen because they are something that you can, or indeed should, be visiting multiple times a week if not daily.

By adding Scientific American to your bookmark list you will be enriching your view of the world that we live in a great deal, and if nothing else it will give you a lot of interesting topics to bring up in conversation the next time you’re down at the pub or at a dinner party!


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