[Sneak Peak] When Winter Calls – Original Novel Soundtrack

With the new year sale now behind us (and When Winter Calls peaking at #14 on the US cyberpunk charts – thanks to you!) I’m looking towards a much more dedicated schedule of updates that helps Future Conscience reach new heights.  Make sure you’re following on Twitter to receive new updates and posts as they are released.

For today I’ve got a sneak peak of a new project that I’ve been working on, which I hope will build nicely upon my debut novel whilst also allowing me to explore some new areas of creativity.  I’ve always had a great love of ambient music and in particular the kind of textures and soundscapes that accompany many cyberpunk and dystopian science fiction films.  So I’ve decided to delve into the world of musicmaking in order to create a soundtrack for When Winter Calls that helps capture a lot of the tone and emotion embedded in the book.

I hope that through expressing my vision for the book in this way I might allow even more of the depth and nuance of Caldera to emerge both for those who have read the book, but also those who have come across the Future Conscience blog in other ways and are interested in my work more broadly.

Below you can hear the first track from the When Winter Calls ONS entitled ‘Neuro Noir’.  It is a work in progress, so will be tweaked and remastered for the end product, but I thought you would all appreciate hearing the soundtrack emerge piece by piece.

I’m keen to receive any feedback along the way (I’m very new to this!), so do leave your thoughts in the comments below…


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