Society 3.0 – Where all of us have a voice

With this post I want to briefly touch upon an idea that is becoming more and more prevalent, particularly to those of us that frequently use social media on the internet and other forms of creative expression.  It is an idea that, if taken to a positive conclusion, should change the structure of human society and endeavour completely.  Today, more than at any other point in human history, we all have the capability to have our opinion’s heard and the possibility of having others listen to what we say.  Modern technology and the global community that has formed around it has given us all a voice, the question now is how are we going to use it?

We now literally have a world of ideas to grow from
We now literally have a world of ideas to grow from

It is undeniable that the first decade of the 21st century has had a massive impact on the way that we communicate and the way that ideas and products are disseminated to a global audience.  We are currently in a time of user-created content, an era in which we are quite often more interested in listening to each other than to the usual channels of media distribution.  Even within these channels, one of the most popular formats is reality television – a concept whereby the average person is given a platform of expression.

Regardless of what you think of reality television, and there is certainly plenty to be said both for and against the idea, it highlights a shift in our interests and modes of communication.  We want to hear what others have to say and at the same time have an ability to respond in kind.

This shift is having a far greater impact on our lives then from a purely entertainment point of view.  Entire business models are being built around collective open-source efforts, no longer is it even necessary to have a permanent corporate structure when a collective of like-minded, talented individuals can come together for even a single project before moving on.

This shift has also given each of us as individuals the opportunity to make an impact if we so desire.  Of course, many are critical of such a movement towards egalitarian conceptualising; stating that it muddies the waters and there is an increasingly growing amount of material that is not worth the time it takes to digest.  But the beauty of recent developments is that we are now finding a collective way to highlight just where the good material is!  Initiatives such as Digg, Stumple.Upon, Facebook, Twitter and many others like them allow us to share with each other the things that we find and the thoughts that we have.  The quality material is slowly but surely rising to the top, and we are figuring out more and more effective ways to ensure that this happens even more efficiently in the future.

The election of Obama highlights this new mode of communication
The election of Obama highlights this new mode of communication

Knowing all of this, the question each of us now have to ask ourselves is how am I personally going to contribute? Is it going to be through creative efforts?  Through political or social activism?  The creation of support networks and avenues for others to excel?  Or even simply by participating in the ongoing commentary on and rating of what is being created by others?

All of these roles, and many more besides, are valid and useful ways to contribute to the collective consciousness that is being manifested in the new, global, knowledge economy.  The choice of how we wish to change the world is up to us, and to a large degree whether or not we succeed in doing so is up to those who listen and then themselves act.

Another great aspect of this new paradigm is that, despite what many think, it isn’t just about popularity and majority rule anymore.  Niche markets and discussion forums are sprouting up quicker then any one person can keep up with – and this is a good thing.  Knowledge is on the verge of total liberation, of unbridled expression and dissemination.  Those who have something important to say, something that deserves to be listened to, will find an audience; and that audience will grow over time through the social media channels that lie at the forefront of this newfound ability for expression.

So, are you going to be a part of this paradigm shift?  For most of us, we already are to a greater or lesser degree.  But now you can decide to become conscious of this new avenue of expression, to utilise it to the utmost in an attempt to enhance humanity as a whole.

Future Conscience was developed to help facilitate just such a decision, to help those who wish to come together in collective effort and expression form a better idea of where we are headed as a sentient species – of consciously and collectively deciding on what we want to be and how we might get there.  The future is created right here, right now.  Be a part of it, contribute, listen, learn, and enjoy this new found liberation of knowledge – for it truly is one of the most pivotal moments in humanity’s history.


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