Sophia Guide Us Home (A Tribute to Philip K Dick)

Sophia Guide Us Home (A Tribute to Philip K Dick)

This new track has been created in tribute to Philip K Dick to commemorate the month of his passing on the 2 March 1982.  I have spoken at length on this blog over the years about the influence that PKD’s writings have had on my work.  There isn’t more to be added here, other than to highlight once again that – although flawed in many ways (aren’t we all) – his writings are a true example of the prophetic voice working through the life of an often overlooked science fiction author.

He continues all these years later to be one of the most insightful voices into the human condition and our relationship with reality, power and technology that modern literature has seen.

Whatever reality you find yourself in PKD, may Sophia guide you home…

Samples taken from a 1979 interview, the full version of which you can listen to here.

This track was inspired by the memorial vigil conducted by those behind the film Radio Free Albemuth (which I continue to believe is ‘one of the most truthful and genuine on-screen depictions of the mind of Philip K Dick that has ever been, and, quite likely, ever will be produced’ – read my review from its release and then make sure to catch it on Netflix):

PKD Memorial


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