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Friday Link Roundup: Artificial Intelligence

Something I’ve decided to begin today, and which will continue each Friday, is a weekly roundup of useful or interesting links. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five interesting articles from the past week that cover the field of artificial intelligence.Continue Reading

Singularity Summit 2009 begins tomorrow

Tomorrow (October 3rd) marks the beginning of the annual Singularity Summit held by the Singularity Institute in New York. The summit brings together many of the leading thinkers in the field of singularity philosophy.

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Cute robots, social learning and Georgia Tech

Simon Robot is intended to be a robot focused on social learning and development through demonstration, but what I want to focus on here is the interesting development of human empathy relationships with robots. In particular, the fact that Simon Robot has been created to seemingly specifically cause us to want to pinch its cheeks and fawn all over how cute it looks.

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Autonomous systems and the ethical issues of sentient technology

The Royal Academy of Engineering has released a report that considers some of the possible issues that might arise from an ever increasing presence of autonomous systems within our society. Entitled Autonomous Systems: Social, Legal and Ethical Issues the short paper marks a call for public discussion surrounding emerging technologies.

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Would Asimov want us to teach robots to lie?

The recent experiments conducted by the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland have shown that the robot intelligence that they created eventually taught themselves to lie in order to bring about a more advantageous position compared to their rivals.Continue Reading