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The Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival Celebrates Fifth Anniversary Event in May

The Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival Celebrates Fifth Anniversary Event in May

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has announced the full schedule for its fifth anniversary event from May 25 – 30, 2017. The program showcases over 100 films, premieres, panels, virtual reality demonstrations and celebratory gatherings as the festival continues its salute to the master of science fiction, Philip K. Dick.

Highlights include the world premieres of Maryanne Bilham-Knight’s A Life Gone Wild (2016) and Jean-Philippe Lopez’s III (2016), North American premiere of Adam Stern’s FTL (2017), USA premieres of Caroline Cory’s Gods Among Us: The Science of Contact (2016), Rasmus Tirzitis’s Vilsen (2016) and Ove Valeskog’s Huldra: Lady of the Forest (2016), east coast premieres of Niall Doran/Justin Smith’s Sixteen Legs (2016) and Renchao Wang’s The End of the Lonely Island (2016) and NYC premiere of Bruce Wemple’s The Tomorrow Paradox (2016).

The festival will also launch PKD Talks: Conversations with Luminaries, Visionaries and Mavericks, a new panel series discussing scientific, inspirational and world changing themes with industry professionals including author and physicist Dr. Ronald Mallett, acclaimed directors Maryanne Bilham-Knight and Caroline Cory, web host Joe Cerletti, astrophysicist Rudy Schild, computer scientist Jacques Vallee and more distinguished guests.

For the past five years, The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has exhibited quality independent sci-fi for audiences who crave new innovative pathways of expression.  The festival supports freethinking filmmakers equipped with the knowledge of our world, brave enough to see beyond the barriers of existence and who give to an art form that unites the masses. Daniel Abella, the founder and director of the festival, enthused about this year’s milestone event and the high-calibre official selections.  “I am very excited to present this year’s fifth annual festival in our home of New York City. The lineup includes films from throughout the world and represents talent across all backgrounds and beliefs.”

Abella added, “Science fiction continues to entertain but also inform us about current and future trends and it is our mission to bring together like-minded people tied by a common purpose to remain human in a world of progressive dehumanisation.”  While praising the works and prophecies of the festival’s namesake, Abella said, “Philip K. Dick’s message is that in spite of forces marshalled against the human spirit, both political and technological, humanity can prevail if we find the will and determination to pave a better future.  This festival represents his voice.”

Information on the full schedule, passes and more is available at www.thephilipkdickfilmfestival.com.

For those who might have missed it last month, below is a tribute track to commemorate the life, ideas and inspired work of Philip K. Dick – featuring audio from an interview with PKD himself …

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