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Towards the Philosophy of a Future Conscience

Yesterday I put up a thought piece on the spirituality of technology, and for today I thought it would be worth pulling out a collection of posts from the blog that really speak to the core ethos of developing a future conscience.  For people new to the blog, this is a good introduction to the philosophy that lies behind it – and I hope that by putting it all in one place I might encourage some of you to delve deeper into why this blog exists and the vitally important task ahead of us that I am trying to highlight.

The below articles are in reverse chronological order:

The Spirituality of Technology: Foundations for a New Humanity

TIDAL and the Tipping Point of Glamour

Black Friday and the Constructed Consumer

[Review] Her – Love, Sentience and the Transition of our Times

Stop Watching Us! PRISM, Surveillance and the Hierarchy of Privacy

Taking a Digital Holiday: Are We Digital Natives or Addicts?

Can Digital Democracy Work?

Digital Diplomacy and the Ethics of Future Politics

The Power of We? A Story of You, and Me, and I, and Us

The Social Psychology of Occupy

Beyond Cute Robots: Towards a New Concept of Sentience

We are the 99%! You are the Revolution!

The 21st Century: A Tale of Paradigm Shifts and Adaptability

UK Riots: Are We Limiting our Understanding of Violence?

Hack the Planet! LulzSec, Anonymous and the Call for Accountability

Musings Along the Way: 40 Spiritual Aphorisms

Millionize Your Lashes: Cosmetic Dreams of Absurdity

Secular Spirituality: Sacred Acts, Profane Thoughts

[Review] Radio Free Albemuth: Into the Mind of Philip K Dick

Society 3.0 – Where all of us have a voice

So there you have it, the philosophy of a future conscience as developed here on this blog over the last six years.  These links represent just under 10% of the posts here, so don’t be shy and dig deep into what the Future Conscience blog has to offer!

The Spirituality of Technology: Foundations of a New Humanity

What impact is technology having on the driving motivations for human endeavour and activity? Are we formulating a clear view of what progress means in this newly emergent age? Can we talk about a spirituality of technology, and what might that mean?Continue Reading

Will Virtual Reality Make Us More Anti-Social?

Virtual Reality will prove, in many examples over time, to be anti-social. Which is why we should not shy away from the question, and cannot allow ourselves to hide from the plausible repercussions of this new technology.Continue Reading

The Best of Future Conscience 2009 – 2012

The Best of Future Conscience 2009 – 2012

To recognise three years of writing the blog I’m highlighting some of my favourite posts, the ones that I would hope everybody who visits would read (and share!) and that highlight the tone and purpose of the blog the best.Continue Reading

Musings Along the Way: 40 Spiritual Aphorisms

Spiritual aphorisms are intended to speak directly to the intuitive side of us, and as such they will be placed here without comment. They are as true as they are true, and as false as they are false. I hope that you find value of some kind in one or more of these, my musings along the way.Continue Reading

Discussion: Spirituality and Futurism

Today’s discussion surrounds the role of spirituality in futurist dialogue. Is there enough of it? Would you like to see more of it? Basically, to what degree should the often subjective element of metaphysical ideology shape our view of the future and the direction we are heading in?Continue Reading