The Ethics of Human Enhancement

Another quick update for you all, one which we will be covering in a bit more detail shortly.  The Human Enhancement Ethics Group has just released a report that looks at some of the possible ethical issues that will surround any growing use of human enhancement technologies.

Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions and Answers is a 50 page report that was funded by the US National Science Foundation and is intended to be an introductory report on the possible areas of technological enhancement of humanity and the effects that this may have on different aspects of society.  Given rapidly accelerating advancements in the fields of communication and information technology, this is a timely report that although at times possibly a bit idealistic in its future predictions is undoubtedly on point most of the time and deserves our attention as a serious, scholarly study.

I’ll be commenting in more detail on the report once I have had a chance to read through it properly and put some time aside to think about its content.  In the meantime, go and grab it and have a read.  It is vitally important that studies like this are funded and conducted, and even more important that they are widely distributed.  The ethics of future technology is not just an issue for academics and scientists in their ivory towers – it is one that all of us must seek to understand and formulate an educated opinion on, because only with an educated and informed public can we even possibly hope to progress in the right direction.


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