Vote for us for Rookie Blogger of the Year!

Morning everyone!  This evening I’ll be posting my blog post on climate change for Blog Action Day ’09 – so stay tuned for that later in the day.

Right now, however, I just wanted to send out a quick call to action and ask all of our wonderful readers to head over and vote for us for Rookie Blogger of the Year.  Although the award is a small one relative to many of the more well-known blogging awards, we’re still very grateful for having been nominated and such recognition motivates us to continue bringing posts to you as often as possible.  Thank you to Tycoon Blogger for feeling that we deserve such exposure.

So, if you enjoy Future Conscience and want to see us bring you even more for a long time to come please do head on over and vote for us!!  You just have to choose the circle above our thumbnail, click vote, and then sit back and know that you have made us very happy!

Thank you everybody who has been reading us so far, it is for you that we continue to maintain and update this site.


3 Responses to Vote for us for Rookie Blogger of the Year!

  1. tycoonblogger says:

    I am happy to have you as part of the contest. Good Luck!

  2. blainebullman says:


    Best of luck in the contest, im in it too. You're doing excellent so far 🙂


  3. RAGordon says:

    Thank you both for dropping by! It's been great to see how this has brought the nominees together and visiting each other's blogs (if only out of competitive curiosity!).

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