Welcome to Caldera (When Winter Calls ONS – Track II)

It’s not often you get to post on the 29th February – so happy Leap Day to you all!

For today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the second track from my Original Novel Soundtrack project that I’ve begun in order to explore the themes and emotions of my novel When Winter Calls.

Entitled ‘Welcome to Caldera’ this track explores the uplifting arrival at the corporate utopia, with a rolling soundscape that brings the listener into contact with some of the awe that an ocean citycorp like Caldera would inspire in its residents.  Yet the enveloping melody also brings with it some undertones of the darker reality that is to come…

I hope that you enjoy this new track!  I’m very much an amateur in the early days of music production, but I’m finding it absolutely compelling and delighted to be able to explore the unfolding tale of When Winter Calls in this new way and share the experience with you all.


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