Climate change: alarmists vs skeptics

Scientific consensus shows a recent change in global temperatures

Scientific consensus shows a recent change in global temperatures

The Examiner today has a look at both sides of the man-made climate change debate, highlighting a number of alarmists alongside a number of skeptics.  It makes for a great starting point to continue further reading, and it is always interesting to see skeptics highlighted that are highly educated, logical and well versed in the many facets of the climate change debate.

There is always a danger in anything that becomes sensationalised to lose sight of what was originally being discussed in order to push corporate profits or feed off of public hysteria.  Climate change is one such issue in which it is very difficult to openly state that you are against the many alarming statistics and studies being put forth on an almost daily basis.  I always welcome alternative viewpoints, if only because they force us to consider different paradigms and not just blindly accept the most prominent ones.

In my mind, whether climate change is man-made or not is unfortunately becoming increasingly irrelevant.  I do not believe that social initiatives will be global enough to halt any impact that the industrial revolution has already brought – and will continue to bring – to the table.  What needs to be discussed are ways to either reverse climate change (not just passively by ceasing activity, but actively through new technological and scientific improvements), or perhaps more importantly to develop strategies to cope with the global turmoil that might be just around the corner.

Definitely check out the two articles from The Examiner, which will lead you to a lot of further reading if you choose to do so.  Particularly have a look at the article on man-made climate change skeptics, because it will almost certainly challenge many of your preconceived ideas about the future of our global environment.  What is most interesting, of course, is that many of these skeptics (and not just the ones mentioned in the article) come directly out of the scientific community and are well respected for their work.  Doubting the true basis – or even the existence – of cataclysmic climate change is not only a brave path for a scientist to walk, but also one that truly meets the standards of the scientific method.

Whether or not they are correct, it is important that their voices are heard and not instantly drowned out by scapegoating and professional condemnation.


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  1. Andre C Girod says:

    In a book to be published soon, ” Tourism of mass destruction” André Girod, who participated in the fifties in the expansion of tourism describes the evolution od tourism from the fifties to now. He studies the impact of tourism on the environment and critics the green mouvment for its solutions.

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