Friday Link Roundup: Longevity and the Methuselarity

This week’s collection of links surround the idea of life-extension.  It is often thought that by the end of this century, medical advancements will have progressed to such a degree that we are literally gaining more than a year of life for every year that passes.  Which means that we will, when speaking about natural lifespans, be technically immortal.  Obviously, such ideas generate a lot of interest; so we’ve collected a number of links for you today that look at such things.

1)  The Methuselah Foundation – one of the pre-eminent organisations that are seriously researching possible avenues for human longevity and the social effects that will comes as a result.

2)  Apples that stay fresh for months? – longevity research isn’t just being conducted in regards to the human form, but can also be applied to other living organisms such as fruit.

3)  Telomerase and living past 100 – current research showing some of the practical progress being made in understanding what makes us age and the reasons why some live longer than others.

4)  Techno-immortality? – Beyond just ways to extend our physical bodies, there are also those out there exploring other means of immortality.  For example, uploaded consciousness or virtual identities.

5)  Maintaining cognitive function during ageing – ageing affects all aspects of our minds and bodies, including cognitive functioning.  Recent research is beginning to further understand just how our genes have an impact on how our brains age.

If you have any other links from recent weeks that you would like to share, please do leave a comment.  Longevity research is something that will completely change what it means to be human, and we will definitely be covering it whenever we come across anything new or interesting.


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