Friday Link Roundup: The moral economy

Many people don’t quite realise just how close the global financial sector came to complete and total collapse – protecting your personal food stocks from looters type collapse.  Now that we have seemingly emerged from the worst of it, there is a lot of discussion occurring around the world about what went wrong and, more importantly, how to stop it ever happening again.

One very important aspect of this is the discussion of the morality of the marketplace, bringing economics back to its moral philosophy roots.  This week, I’ve collected a number of links that look at this topic:

1)  St Paul’s Institute public debates – St Paul’s Cathedral hosted a series of debates run by its Institute which explored issues about ethics and the economy.  Speakers included some very prominent people: including Vince Cable, Douglas Alexander, Adair Turner and Julia Neuberger.

2)  Bankers and morality – a news article that covers some of the churches response to the current economic climate, includes reference to the debates above.

3)  The ABCs of the Economic Crisis – an interview with two authors of a new book on the financial crisis that examines events from the perspective of the working classes.

4)  Mervyn King speech – The Governor of the Bank of England gave a talk in Edinburgh that examined the nature of ‘too important to fail’ and reforms that need be put into place in the future.

5)  Reflections on the 80th Anniversary of ‘Black Tuesday’ – many have commented on how recent financial turmoil has been similar to that seen during the Great Depression 80 years ago.  Here, a number of authors give short reflections on what, if anything, we have learned since then.

I hope you enjoy this week’s links.  If you have anymore that you would like to share, please do leave a comment as we would love to hear about them.


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