Future Conscience Mid-June Collection

For the few of you who have been following each day, I’ve committed myself to posting an update to this blog daily throughout the month of June.  This is both to get more engaged, but also because I have an exciting announcement to make (exciting for me, at least!) at the end of the month.

Now that we’re over halfway through the month of daily updates, it’s a good chance for you to take a look back through some of the updates you might have missed. So, just what has been covered thus far?

A Month of Futurist Posts in June!

A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting Yourself from Mass Surveillance

Victims of Austerity: Survivors UK

[Review] Tomorrowland – A hopeful but hollow vision of utopia

Most Popular Future Conscience Posts of All Time

Futurist News of the Week – 6th June 2015

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival – Open Call for Film Submissions

Are You Mobilising TODAY to Oppose TTIP?

Free of Fossil Fuel by 2100?

Victims of Austerity: The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

25 Futurist Quotes to Inspire You

Futurist News of the Week – 12th June 2015

If a Post Falls in the Forest…

9 Kickstarter Campaigns for Futurists (Open Now!)

What Do You Want to See in a Digital Bill of Rights? The People Have Voted!

See you tomorrow for another update!


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