London Digital Week: Three days left!

London Digital Week ramps up for the weekend

London Digital Week ramps up for the weekend

The first ever London Digital Week has hit the halfway point, and I’m almost ashamed to say that work commitments have kept me from going to any of the wonderful events so far.  However, there are some interesting looking things going on over the weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to get along to one or two of them.

The week mostly consists of events for designers, architects, and other media professionals.  The highlights being the many exhibitions, get togethers, and mini-conferences that are taking place in various venues all throughout London.

Definitely check out the website if you’re around London this weekend.  The Digital Hinterlands exhibition looks particularly interesting, exploring the effect that digital techniques and advancements in the manufacturing process are having on architecture and the design of physical space.

Even though London Digital Week is coming to a close, there is also the London Games Festival coming up at the end of October which will showcase a whole bunch of different exhibitions and events focused on gaming in all its forms.  Basically, there’s a lot of stuff to put in your diaries over the coming month – so check it out and book now!


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