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What Do You Want to See in a Digital Bill of Rights? The People Have Voted!

As we celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, I took the opportunity to read through the whole document for the first time.  It’s worth 10min of your time to read through the roughly 4,000 word document, particularly with gems such as “No town or person shall be forced to build bridges over rivers except those with an ancient obligation to do so.

We’ve already seen David Cameron come out to use the occasion as crass political ammunition for his attacks on the Human Rights Act – see the Save Our HRA campaign for a different view, complete with some excellent mythbusting! – but amongst all the self-congratulatory chatter and back-patting going on in the UK today, it was the British Library that released my favourite piece.

Over 30,000 voters chose from around 500 different clauses to come up with the top 10 key issues that could be included in a ‘Magna Carta for the digital age’.  I wonder how many of these will be included in David Cameron’s vision of a British Bill of Rights?

My money is on No. 6 not getting much of a look in…

Magna Carta for the Digital Age (image from British Library)

(image from The British Library – please click through for more information)

5 Ways to Overcome an Internet Kill Switch

With the ‘Internet Kill Switch’ move by the Egyptian government seemingly reversed in recent days, it brings up a very important issue that needs to be addressed publicly and vocally: just what can be done to overcome any attempt by governments around the world to instigate an ‘Internet Kill Switch’ in the future?Continue Reading

Discussion: Can WikiLeaks Be Shut Down?

Emerging over the past week is a clearly co-ordinated attempt to remove WikiLeaks from the internet, and even to end its existence as an organisation. So, what I wanted to do with the discussion this time is look at whether or not WikiLeaks can actually be shut down – and what this very serious precedent might set for the future of internet neutrality.Continue Reading

Digital Economy Bill in the UK a totalitarian nightmare?

The fight to secure copyrights on the internet will always be an ongoing one, but the most recent dilemma is that being faced in the UK with the proposed Digital Economy Bill that has just recently seen a number of amendments that are cause for concern (to say the least).Continue Reading

Google conviction sparks debate over internet freedom

I’ve had a few posts recently that revolve around multi-national technology giant Google, both for positive and negative reasons, and today’s news has once again brought the company right into the ethical spotlight. An Italian judge has convicted three Google executives and given each a six-month suspended sentence because of a video of an autistic boy being bullied that was uploaded onto Google’s video service in 2006.Continue Reading

Site of the Week: Electronic Frontier Foundation

Given the focus over the last few posts on internet censorship and freedom of expression, I wanted to highlight an organisation that has been at the forefront of the fight for liberty ever since the early days of the internet’s public use – the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).Continue Reading