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Futurist News of the Week – 6th June 2015

Day 6 of the June updates, and I thought I would try something I’ve seen a few other people do and hopefully make this a regular item here on Future Conscience. Here’s five of the top futurist news items of the week ending 6th June 2015:

Futurist Roundup_6 June

Norway Will Divest From Coal in Push Against Climate Change

Large Hadron Collider Starts Doing Science Again

New Evidence Emerges on the Origins of Life

OPM Hack: China Blamed for Massive Breach of US Government Data

DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015

Hack the Planet! LulzSec, Anonymous and the Call for Accountability

The recent focus on hacker group LulzSec, as well as the amorphous Anonymous, has led to renewed scrutiny on the activities of hacktivists and calls for greater protection from them by the authorities; but it is important for future discussion to revolve around corporate and government accountability and transparency as well.Continue Reading

Chip-and-PIN security flaw highlights blind faith in technology

This is an interesting type of story that we hear about in mainstream media every now and then – and that is the finding of security weaknesses in widespread technology, particularly those that deal with financial transactions of one kind or another. This time around, it’s flaws in the Chip-and-PIN technology that is widely used in credit and debit cards throughout Europe and particularly the UK. Continue Reading

Friday Link Roundup: Hackers and Cyberwarfare

I’m bringing back the Friday Link Roundup today with an interesting topic that is starting to see more coverage across various media outlets again: Cyberwarfare.Continue Reading

Will Google abandon China?

Over the past week a pivotal standoff has been occurring between the world’s largest supplier of information and the world’s largest censor of information. The Google vs. China conflict has been gaining momentum over recent years, and it has all come to a head in the last few days over alleged hacker attacks on human rights activists email accounts – with Google refusing to censor its findings within China for a few days, and even talk of the company removing its enterprise from the country altogether.Continue Reading

10 ways to improve social network security

A few simple precautions that one can take to minimise the chances that you personally will be the victim of an unethical individual exploiting your security weaknesses.

Continue Reading