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Friday Link Roundup: Corruption and Unethical Business

Since Wikileaks was our Site of the Week, this Friday Link Roundup is going to focus on the topic of corruption. Corruption can be found in every area of society; from government, to corporations, to individuals.

The core similarity that they all have is the willingness of those who participate to act unethically in order to profit unfairly at others’ expense. Obviously, this makes it one of the most important things to focus on eradicating from society wherever possible – and education is always the first step towards overcoming a situation.

This week sees quite a bit of corruption raising its ugly head around the globe:

1) Brazil in shock over corruption scandal – political corruption is unmasked in Brazil, with revelations of unethical behaviour by government officials caught on tape.

2) Berlusconi trial continues along with allegations of mafia links – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is no stranger to scandal and allegations of corruption.  His trial continues, but there have also been new allegations pointing towards involvement with the Mafia.

3) Shell accused of toxic pollution in Nigeria – Multi-national corporation Shell is being closely examined in Nigeria for allegations that it has exploited lax environmental laws in the area.

4) Rajaratnam investigated for insider trading a decade ago – the recent massive bust on insider trading that involved many prominent figures in some of the world’s largest corporations has taken a new twist.

5) Climategate scandal continues – the revelations brought out through exposed emails are still rocking the climate change establishment.  Here is a good summary of what is being discovered in the leaked emails.

I hope that you find something interesting amonst this week’s collection of links.  Unethical and corrupt behaviour continues to be discovered to an astonishing degree, and it is important to look at the information and reports available so that you have more of an idea of just what is often going on behind closed doors.

Friday Link Roundup: War and Peace

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Friday Link Roundup: Stem Cell Research

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Friday Link Roundup: The moral economy

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