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Debut Novel from the Author of Future Conscience!

When Winter Calls - web cover

When Winter Calls
294 pages
Available Now on Kindle!

“A terrifying glimpse into a future where humanity can be ‘improved’ by technology and corporations govern. Robert Gordon spins a cautionary tale about the increasing omnipotence of corporations and an endless appetite for pushing the boundaries of technology.” – Elizabeth Karr, Producer of Radio Free Albemuth

Research is the Door to Tomorrow

Welcome to Caldera, the corporate enclave in international waters where cutting-edge research meets employee utopia.  As Sentivue Industries prepares their new flagship product – a neural interface that connects the user to the collective knowledge of the ages – Jared Elsworth is tasked with ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

But with winter setting in and many of its residents preparing to leave, something doesn’t seem right.  People are acting strangely, and the citycorp begins to take on a much darker and more violent tone.  Is the interface causing the changes, or is somebody pulling the strings?  When isolation is the key to corporate sovereignty, how do you overcome a sinister force that has taken control?

Robert A. Gordon is an anthropologist who has been writing about the ethics of future technology for the past decade.  Dedicating his professional career to engaging the public discourse on questions of morality and social purpose, he has consistently worked on themes of corporate power, governance and innovation.  When Winter Calls is his debut novel, a science fiction thriller that explores the boundaries of our personal and collective identities in an ever-changing world.

[Review] Brains: The Mind as Matter – Wellcome Collection exhibition

[Review] Brains: The Mind as Matter – Wellcome Collection exhibition

A review of the recent Wellcome Collection exhibition – Brains: The Mind as Matter. Objective and subjective, physical and metaphysical, scientific and artistic, division and unity; all of these working around one another in a much more dynamic and fluid form then we are able to appreciate when we examine life through our individual lenses that are themselves at every moment of being acting out the miracle of the micro within the macro.Continue Reading

10 sectors to watch over the next decade (part 2)

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Friday Link Roundup: Longevity and the Methuselarity

It is often thought that by the end of this century, medical advancements will have progressed to such a degree that we are literally gaining more than a year of life for every year that passes. Which means that we will, when speaking about natural lifespans, be technically immortal.Continue Reading

Friday Link Roundup: Artificial Intelligence

Something I’ve decided to begin today, and which will continue each Friday, is a weekly roundup of useful or interesting links. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five interesting articles from the past week that cover the field of artificial intelligence.Continue Reading

The Neuroscience of Buddhist meditation and spiritual practice

A video covering some of the latest thinking within the neuroscience community on the physiological effects of spiritual practice within the brain – with a particular focus on Buddhist mindfulness meditation.

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