Towards the Philosophy of a Future Conscience

Yesterday I put up a thought piece on the spirituality of technology, and for today I thought it would be worth pulling out a collection of posts from the blog that really speak to the core ethos of developing a future conscience.  For people new to the blog, this is a good introduction to the philosophy that lies behind it – and I hope that by putting it all in one place I might encourage some of you to delve deeper into why this blog exists and the vitally important task ahead of us that I am trying to highlight.

The below articles are in reverse chronological order:

The Spirituality of Technology: Foundations for a New Humanity

TIDAL and the Tipping Point of Glamour

Black Friday and the Constructed Consumer

[Review] Her – Love, Sentience and the Transition of our Times

Stop Watching Us! PRISM, Surveillance and the Hierarchy of Privacy

Taking a Digital Holiday: Are We Digital Natives or Addicts?

Can Digital Democracy Work?

Digital Diplomacy and the Ethics of Future Politics

The Power of We? A Story of You, and Me, and I, and Us

The Social Psychology of Occupy

Beyond Cute Robots: Towards a New Concept of Sentience

We are the 99%! You are the Revolution!

The 21st Century: A Tale of Paradigm Shifts and Adaptability

UK Riots: Are We Limiting our Understanding of Violence?

Hack the Planet! LulzSec, Anonymous and the Call for Accountability

Musings Along the Way: 40 Spiritual Aphorisms

Millionize Your Lashes: Cosmetic Dreams of Absurdity

Secular Spirituality: Sacred Acts, Profane Thoughts

[Review] Radio Free Albemuth: Into the Mind of Philip K Dick

Society 3.0 – Where all of us have a voice

So there you have it, the philosophy of a future conscience as developed here on this blog over the last six years.  These links represent just under 10% of the posts here, so don’t be shy and dig deep into what the Future Conscience blog has to offer!


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