Guest Speaker on Robot Overlordz Podcast – Episode 224: Conscientious Futures

It was a great pleasure to receive an email recently from Mike Johnston of the Robot Overlordz to be a guest speaker on their excellent podcast (alongside his partner in futurist thinking, Mike Bolton).  I’ve listened to quite a few episodes from these two in the past, and given the calibre of speakers they have had on the show I had to pause for a moment to think whether the invitation was made in error!

It was a blast to converse with them about everything from self-publishing, corporate sovereignty, transhumanism (who gets to control our evolutionary trajectory?), through privacy, participatory democracy and what it means to be a futurist with a conscience.  I consider it a privilege to have been asked to participate in such an excellent podcast that focuses on some truly cutting-edge topics.  Ensuring that a shared vision of our collective wellbeing remains at the forefront of futurist thinking is a vital aspect of the road ahead, and any opportunity to work together and promote such a perspective is something worth pursuing enthusiastically.

Check out the episode over on the Robot Overlordz website, and put a voice to all these words you’ve been reading here on Future Conscience for the past six years.  Please do share it to your followers, and join the conversation by leaving a comment below or getting in touch!

Robot Overlordz - Episode 224: Conscientious Futures

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