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Futurist News of the Week – 6th June 2015

Here’s five of the top futurist news items of the week ending 6th June 2015Continue Reading

Will Virtual Reality Make Us More Anti-Social?

Virtual Reality will prove, in many examples over time, to be anti-social. Which is why we should not shy away from the question, and cannot allow ourselves to hide from the plausible repercussions of this new technology.Continue Reading

Announcing: Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2014

Computational Intelligence Unconference (also known as CI Unconference). Our first CI Unconference will be on the 26th July 2014, at the BT Centre in London, England.Continue Reading

7 Futurist Trend Predictions for 2014

Another year, some more predictions on the Future Conscience blog. Here are seven trends to look for in 2014.Continue Reading

Kickstarter Roundup for Futurists – May/June 2013

Kickstarter Roundup for Futurists – May/June 2013

Crowdsourced funding is going from strength to strength these days, and when the Pebble ePaper Watch achieved more than 10,000% of its funding goal to raise $10,266,845 the new era had officially arrived.Continue Reading

2050 Pathways: The Numbers of a Green Economy

2050 Pathways: The Numbers of a Green Economy

The 2050 Pathways calculator is an impressive piece of open-source kit, allowing you to prioritise different avenues for both energy consumption and supply in an attempt to meet current emission reduction targets – “showing the benefits, costs and trade-offs of different versions of the future”.Continue Reading