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7 Random Predictions for the Future

I thought that with today’s post we could get back to basics and I would present you with a set of futurist predictions for us to all mull over and discuss. So, without further ado, here are seven predictions for the future brought to you by the futurist blog Future Conscience (wow, that’s a lot of future for one sentence!).Continue Reading

The Rabbi & the Golem: A Parable on Synthetic Life

There was a very exciting announcement recently that synthetic life had been created in a laboratory through the wonderful applications of scientific advancement. Rather than my usual commentary on the ethics of this situation, I thought I would try something different and provide a spiritual parable of sorts about synthetic life. I hope that you enjoy it.Continue Reading

Site of the Week: Big Think

First of all, let me apologise for the small delay in posting – I’ve been rather ill recently and that has reflected in my ability to think too clearly or sit in front of a computer screen for too long! As such, today I wanted to bring back something I did here on Future Conscience for a little while: which is the introduce a new Site of the Week. This week – Big Think.Continue Reading

[Review] Radio Free Albemuth: Into the Mind of Philip K Dick

You could call Philip K Dick one of the main reasons why this blog even exists; not only because he is my most beloved author, but also due to the fact that his thoughts about technology and social progress were so ahead of their time that the level of foreshadowing they present is just remarkable. Tonight I was granted the wonderful opportunity to see a ‘sneak preview’ screening of the most recent adaptation of a Philip K Dick novel, Radio Free Albemuth, at the Sci-Fi London film festival.Continue Reading

Future Conscience: Taking a slightly different direction

It’s always interesting looking back at work that you have done, trying to gauge whether or not it should be considered successful or worth continuing with. Recently I’ve been going through this process with Future Conscience, wondering just how it will continue into the future and whether or not any changes should be made to the writing style and content.Continue Reading

Should homeopathic treatments be state funded?

There’s been some recent controversy in the UK these past couple of days over whether or not homeopathic treatments should be eligible for payment through the National Health Service (NHS). As it currently stands, the government does acknowledge that there is no evidence backing the validity of such treatments; however at the same time allowing for them to be paid for through the state-backed NHS system.Continue Reading