Victims of Austerity: Survivors UK

With the push for austerity finding renewed focus following the recent UK election, there are going to be a wide variety of important social services and charitable initiatives that have their funding cut.  This post isn’t to consider the virtues (or lack thereof) of economic austerity – for the record I subscribe to the views of Paul Krugman – but rather to highlight the fact that as conscientious citizens we need to look through our anger and grievance and step forward to fill the gap caused by misguided and/or manipulated government policy. This is our society to create, and we should be building it upon a vision of shared responsibility and compassion.

I am dedicating a small amount to raising awareness about important initiatives that have seen their funding cut and are therefore in need of our support.  I have put aside the modest sum of £500 to begin this process, and will be donating £25 to 20 organisations that will be impacted by this coming wave of austerity measures.  I’m wanting this to emerge somewhat organically, so will be donating to causes that come to my attention through general news or word of mouth as they arise.  I reserve the right to not support everything that I come across in this way – but for the most part will be donating to, and raising awareness for, those charities which emerge as in need.

Survivors UKThe first charity that I will be donating to (and hope that you join me in doing so) is Survivors UK, who help thousands of men every year who have been the victims of sexual abuse or rape.  By providing counselling services, both in-person and anonymously online or over the phone, they are an important avenue for an often unspoken and overlooked problem hurting many.

It was recently announced that government funding of £70,000 per year will be cut to zero, despite the fact that reported instances of men seeking help for sexual violence has risen by 120% just in the past year.  For this we have the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime to thank, and if you wish to register your regret for this decision then you can do so through the petition here.  The Mayor’s Office have denied responsibility per the article above, but I have confirmed today with the charity that their funding still remains cut.

Please take some time to look through their website, and if you would like to donate then you can do so here.


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